Java StepMiner 1.0 (Alpha) (Sept 23, 2006)
StepMiner is a new method for analyzing time course microarray data that extracts transitions between two states, up-regulated and down-regulated. For each gene, StepMiner reports the model that best matches its behavior. The models are sequences of one or two transitions. The rising or falling direction and the time of occurrence of each transition is reported.

StepMiner can be downloaded using following links. The Java source code can be obtained upon request by email ( or


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Windows :
[Zip] Download StepMiner 1.0 (Alpha) for Java 1.5
[Zip] Download StepMiner 1.0 (Alpha) for Java 1.4
Unix :
[tar.gz] Download StepMiner 1.0 (Alpha) for Java 1.5
[tar.gz] Download StepMiner 1.0 (Alpha) for Java 1.4
[Zip] For MAC OS X

Click here for StepMiner tutorial.
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Author: Debashis Sahoo
Stanford University